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Five Most Commonly Asked Questions About Interior Design

For some people, hiring an interior designer company in Kolkata may not seem very comforting. But, in reality, it can make things much easier for you. Have you ever wondered about the most common questions about interior design? If so, then this blog is for you. Here, we have answered the six most common questions to help you navigate the world of interior design. Please scroll down and look at them.

Interior Design: Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Interior Design?

From planning to developing attractive and functional spaces, an interior designer company in Kolkata can do it all. Moreover, it combines science and aesthetic art, ensuring your living space is comfortable and appealing.

Who Is an Interior Designer?

A professional who coordinates, handles, plans and executes an interior design project is known as an interior designer. A designer’s job is to make sure their interior design plan fulfills the homeowner’s needs. Not just that, they also make sure it’s functional, aesthetic, convenient and safe. Moreover, the top interior designers in Kolkata provide support during the process of execution and supervise the construction part.

Should You Invest in Hiring an Interior Designer?

If you don’t have the technical and professional expertise to take down this challenging task, it’s wise to hire an interior designing service. It can assist you to prevent costly mistakes, get quality assistance, and save time.

What Is the Difference Between Interior Design and Interior Decoration?

Interior design is all about the science and art that plays a crucial role in creating home interiors. This relates to developing a space that looks attractive and functional. In addition, interior design involves different technicalities of your space as well. In contrast, interior decoration is all about adding decor to space to ensure it goes well with a particular aesthetic.

What Is the Cost of Interior Designing?

The cost of interior design relies on multiple factors like home size, location, project scope, materials used, etc. On average, the interior design cost in Kolkata can range between 5 lakhs to 25 lakhs. For a free quote, contact a reputable interior designer today.

To make your dream home a reality, look no further than Internal Affairs. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we always strive to maintain our reputation. We are among the few names you can put stakes on for stunning interiors. To get a free quote, get in touch with us today.

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Tips To Make The Best Use Of Small Living Room Space

We all want a large living room, but it is not affordable for everyone. But this doesn’t have to restrict you from decorating and making your space attractive. You just need to make some clever decisions to transform your living room within your budget. You can also reach out to a reliable and efficient interior designer for home interior design in Kolkata. Let’s delve into the subject.

Six Ways You Can Transform Your Small Living Space

Having a Beautiful Piece of Art: Bringing in some sculptural elements or sourcing some affordable ones online is the best way to incorporate a cozy vibe into your home. No room can complete without a couple of statement art pieces. You can choose an oversized art piece to add character to your space or go for art pieces of bold and vibrant color.

Having an Accent Wall: The accent wall gives your home much-needed personality and depth. You can choose from a beautifully printed accent wall to a basic painted one with some eye-catching colors. You can also repaint it as and when needed, as it’s just a small section of a wall.

Get Transitional: You can consider a transitional mix of decorative \ pieces to give an elegant look to your space. This will surely make your guests move their eyes. Be creative and think eclectic.

Keep it Minimal: If going transitional isn’t your choice, you can go for minimalism. You can keep a single-tone color scheme and also keep things pattern free and paired down. You can create a concise feel which never goes out of style. So, you don’t need regular shuffling of decorative elements to maintain the feel of your living room.

Mirrors: Mirrors can create an illusion of a larger space, making it a perfect addition to your small living area. The concept is the brighter a room is, the larger it feels. This is why mirrors are an excellent addition. You can also source other metallic and high-shine pieces to illuminate your space.

Light Colors: Light colors make your space look brighter and eventually appear larger. Transforming a small living room is all about creating the feeling of a space. Go for a while or other light-colored furnishings and wall coverings, and ensure they blend together.

Internal Affairs is the leading interior designer, and you can count on us for excellent home interior design in Kolkata. 

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Easy and Affordable Tips To Transform Your Home Interior

Every home needs renovation periodically. You can either opt to add a fresh lick of paint or new furniture or even change the entire home decor as well. If you are concerned about the budget, you can get in touch with some low-budget interior designers in Kolkata to help you. Every place will start becoming dull without maintenance. Hence, if you want your home to be welcoming and warm, consider upgrading it.

Quick Ways To Upgrade Your Home Interior

Thorough Research

Remodeling your house will definitely require you to do proper research. It will help you find out the places where you can get the best items at competitive prices. It will help you save money.

Custom Art Prints to Decorate Your Walls

Art and design go hand in hand. It can be an excellent option for a low-budget home design. You can choose fun posters or even detailed portraits to create magic on your walls. If you find choosing prints and canvas confusing, you can also opt for metal designs. It will curate a contemporary theme for your interiors.

Multifunctional Display Unit

You can use your shelves as a home decor element. Having open display units just transforms the whole vibe of the living space. You can use them to store books, keep plants and other decorative ornaments.

Add Indoor Plants

Greenery itself can make anything look beautiful and aesthetically appealing. Having a set of potted plants is one of the best options, especially when you are tight on budget. You can add low-maintenance indoor plants like cacti and fiddle-leaf figs.

Spruce Up Your Floors with Statement or Textured Rugs

Rugs can transform a space effortlessly without any structural modifications. You can choose either printed rugs or patterned ones. Take your room’s design into consideration when choosing rugs. You can also opt for a jute rug or a neutral carpet to keep the minimalistic look.

Quirky Mirror Designs

Mirrors can not only make a chic style statement but can also make a space look bigger than it actually is. So, it is a must-have if you own a smaller home. There are a wide variety of stylish mirror designs you can choose from as per your requirements.

Meet the Experts

Internal Affairs offers excellent services at competitive prices. Contact us today if you’re looking for low-budget interior designers in Kolkata.


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Five Ways an Interior Architect Can Help You Create Your Dream Home

If you’re planning to create your dream home, an interior architect can be a critical resource to help you achieve your vision. Interior Architects in Kolkata are trained professionals who specialize in designing and decorating interior space. They can offer a wealth of expertise and guidance to help you create a home that perfectly fits your needs and style.

How Can Interior Architects Help You?

Here are five ways an interior architect can help you create your dream home:

  1. Design a Functional Floor Plan: A good interior architect will work with you to create a functional floor plan. This plan will meet your needs and maximize the use of available space. They will consider factors like traffic flow, room sizes, and natural light to create a layout that works well for you and your family. By planning your home’s layout, you can avoid costly mistakes and ensure your space is beautiful and functional.
  2. Help You Choose Finishes and Materials: From flooring and countertops to cabinetry and lighting, an interior architect can help you select finishes and materials that meet your aesthetic preferences and budget. They can guide quality and durability, as well as design and style. With their expertise, you can feel confident that you’re making the right choices for your home.
  3. Create a Cohesive Design Scheme: An interior architect can help you develop a cohesive design scheme that ties together all the elements of your home’s interior. They will consider colour, texture, pattern, and scale to create a harmonious look that reflects your style.
  4. Source Unique Pieces and Accessories: An interior architect can also help you find unique pieces and accessories to personalize your home and make it truly your own. They have access to a wide range of resources, from custom furniture makers to antique dealers, and can help you find the perfect finishing touches to complete your space.
  5. Manage the Construction Process: Finally, an interior architect can help you manage the construction process to ensure everything goes smoothly and according to plan. They

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    can oversee the work of contractors and tradespeople, coordinate deliveries, and troubleshoot any problems.

With their help, you can be confident that your space will be beautiful, functional, and perfectly tailored to your needs and style.

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Internal Affairs can provide you with some most talented and experienced Interior Architects in Kolkata. We undertake both commercial and residential projects and deliver hem correctly. Please contact us to learn more about our services and ask for a free quote.

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Interior Architects and their Ideas of Making a Small Living Beautiful

HOME!!! Ahh, perhaps is the best word that soothes your olfactory after a hectic day. What does a home stand for? Is it an abode for living? NO, it’s a little nest of peace. What if, you have a small place for living? Do you know, space doesn’t matter? What matters the most, is the style and arrangement that make your place worthwhile.

LIVING ROOM, the only place that we decorate for our guests and as a Bengali, most people want to sum up their whole culture and ritual in this room. Interior is not something to gather up things but an artful arrangement with handful stuff. Your small living can be the most attractive place full of vigour and vivacity.

How to make small living room gorgeous with simple stuff?

Step #1: collect and divide:

Living Room InteriorThe very first step of ornamenting a small apartment living room is to divide the stuff, especially furniture, into two parts- large and small. For example, a sofa or a round centre table of the chairs are a kind of large staff. On the other hand, a wall hanging, a beautiful flower vase, a wooden magazine stand are kind of small stuff. Diving things into two parts makes the decorating part easier.

Step #2: Parting placing the larger furniture:

Before arranging the furniture in the real world, arrange them in your mind first. Don’t start the work without making an imaginary blueprint in your mind. As your room is small you have to place all the stuff like a way that would be visible to your guests. You can secure the most visible corner of the room for the sofa, as the guests are seeking for a resting place entering the room.

Place the centre table just in front of the sofa that makes the visitors comfortable of having the snacks sitting on the sofa. You can place some little chairs or wooden stools beside the sofa. Place some seats besides the windows but do not gather them together. Concentrating on a particular part can make the part crowded, and that’s the symbol of bad architecture.

In some cases, you can call Interior Architects of Kolkata who can give you some more innovative ideas for decorating the place. TV is one of the important things about this place. Make sure, placing it makes your guests comfort watching. Many little but vital things that you have to adjust according to the have and size of the room.

Step #3: focus on the small stuff:

Little things are not little if you know the art of placing them in a right way. Whereas the larger furniture are the part of necessity, smallers are piece of beauty and the object to enhancing your taste. For example, placing a small wooden magazine rack beside the sofa or next to the plasma TV opens you up silently to your guests. On the other hand placing a “Sitar” at a corner shows your cultural flavour. You can also replace that nostalgic flavour with contemporary just by replacing the sitar by a “guitar”.

Walls are the best place to hang your inner self. Make it traditional by a painting of Yamini Ranjan Roy or make it contemporary with the modern art.

Closure thought:

Decorating a living is not something that you have to learn but an art that you have to acquire by your own. It varies from man to man, place to place. Just take a breath, make a vow for bringing out yourself and make it happen.

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5 Ideas To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Office Interiors In Kolkata

The design of your workplace is more than what meets the eye. An ill-designed workplace can actually foster bad energy. The place being filled with assorted clutter, accumulated paper mess, and scattered reference book gives it a look no one desires off. A workplace in disarray is not only wasting the valuable time of its employees but affecting their productivity as well.

Few Tips To Choose The Best Office Layout

Let Natural Light In

Office InteriorNatural light aids people to see things more clearly. We adjust our vision with change in the light available. Working in dim light might strain one’s eyes and lead to headaches. Letting natural light inside your workplace improves productivity. The melatonin level of our body depends on the light to which we are exposed. This level decides how awake or focused we feel. Artificial light might make one drowsy, but natural light don’t.
Change The Furniture

Office InteriorFilling your workplace with cheap furniture will no doubt make it lack the inspiration it deserves. Simultaneously the productivity will lower and the employees might face serious health issues. Make sure the furniture you choose fits best the space and culture of your workplace. Investing in ergonomic office chairs are indeed a wise thing to do.
Cleanliness Also Matters

This is something the employees can do to improve the layout of an office. Keeping it clean is vital as on it the image of the workplace and efficiency of the workers depend on. A tidy workplace is more presentable to valuable clients. Even dividing the cleaning program among the employees on a regular basis can help to cut down cleaning expenses.
Storing The Right Way

Storing the assorted clutter is the last thing that comes of our mind when we think about designing our Office Interiors in Kolkata. But how we store the official information or documents are quite important. You can opt for the cloud storage or buy some of the physical storage available in the market. The focus should solely be on optimising the space available the workplace.
The Design Of Your Lobby

Offering your lobby a comfy look is indeed a cool thing to do. It is the place that greets the employees and visitors before they navigate into the office. The lobby helps one to form the foremost opinion about a workplace. Gift your lobby space a wow factor by changing its architecture, design, and materials used.
Time To Approach The Ideal Firm Offering The Service

An efficient workplace enables an employee to work with their full potential and is crucial for the success of a company. Remodeling the interiors of your workplace is the utmost thing you needs to do if you want to create a more productive and pleasant work environment. Make sure the company you approach has decades of experience in offering customised services.

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6 Cool Ideas To Enhance The Beauty Of Your House With Old Furniture

One of the stuff which once upon a time had much utility for us but is now rendered to be useless is the old furniture. Time has passed and people’s preferences have changed. The furniture which was once considered to be the pride of our house is now treated to be a junk. We are too keen to find out ways to get rid of them.

Trust us, inducing a bit of life in them can help to get back the spark it once had. A little effort can transform any old furniture into a designer sample, hard to recognize. No doubt, recycling wooden furniture is indeed a cool thing to do. Few best ideas of transforming your old furniture are stated below.
Kid’s Dresser

Update your old dresser by painting it with some bright colors. Repaint the forgotten dresser with some bright pinkish shade which offers a playful look and suits best in the kid’s room. Kids can even use it to write or draw their imaginations, thus saving the walls from unexpected scribbling.
Message Board

Not only the furniture but even the old mattress can be used in combination with the furniture to enhance the beauty of your interiors. The old mattress can be hung over the over-sized old message board. Just make sure to clean all rust with a wire brush from the mattress’s spring. Use some cloth pins to hold up unique messages, thus rendering the structure a vintage look.
Mantel Decor

We are often left with numerous materials after remodeling a kitchen. You can decorate the fireplace mantel with the unused cabinet doors. These doors can also be used to cover or hide a hole on your TV. Just paint the furniture with a colour matching the mantel. You can also put some decorative candles or plate over it.
Create A Home Office

A home office can be easily created by using some junk furniture. Use the old wooden pallet as the desktop or the ladder to create the framework. The wooden pallets and storage units can also act as back support or a shelving unit offering you more storage space. Interior Architects of Kolkata often fills these shelves with uniquely designed vintage objects to offer it a rustic look.
Chalkboard Container

The most ordinary tea tin can be transformed into the most stylish container to store stationery goods just by using the chalkboard paints. Apply a coat of chalkboard paint and top with a layer of primer on the tea tin. Do some creative work by labeling the contents inside with a chalk.
Decoupage Damaged Furniture

Stop throwing away your damage furniture and hid the imperfection with decoupage. For example, a sheet of music can be used to hide the imperfection on the long-neglected dresser. There are other items also which you can be used for decoupaging, like maps, letters, postcard, or book pages.

This being said it’s time to recycle your old furniture and make the most of it.

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7 Latest Design Ideas to Enhance The Beauty Of Your Small Kitchen

The importance of a good design for your kitchen is more vital than you think. Not only does a beautifully designed kitchen influence the way food is cooked, but also brings pleasure in our daily hectic life. Though there are millions of designs to choose from, often house-makers belief that none of these will suit their small kitchen. If you are one of them take a sigh of relief and have a look at the latest designs suitable even for the smallest kitchens.

Classic And Modern
Though most people tend to find the white walls and cabinets in a kitchen boring, these features have their own practicality. It enables one to create any decor scheme they want to. Opting for some cream or teal coloured decor pieces with an antique chandelier can give your modern kitchen a unique touch of classic charm.

Furniture Piece
Only a clever homemaker can make the most of a small kitchen space. An opened furniture piece in the kitchen looks equally beautiful even when it’s closed. They are functional and come quite handy for the homemakers to stack those additional vessels. They also go well with the chic design of your residence.

Blues That Work
One of the bright colours capable of making one cheerful and enhance the calmness of a kitchen is the muted blue. Painting the walls with this shade can render your modest kitchen with a demure ambiance. It is advisable to avoid bold shades of blue as some people find them overwhelming.

Polished Design
Kitchen InteriorOpt for a polished design if you want your kitchen to flaunt a modern look, rather than the classic one. Whether it’s the polished metallic surface or the golden light fixtures hanging overhead, everything involved in the polished design has a touch of modernity in it. Moreover, they make your small kitchen look more spacious.

Black And White
Using black and white shades for designing your small kitchen isn’t as boring as you think. Opt for this decor if you have a narrow space or a low ceiling in your kitchen. They offer an elegant look. Don’t forget to complement the look with a black chandelier.

Yellow And Metals
Any Interiors firm in Kolkata offering a wide range of metallic designs to enhance the beauty of your small kitchen. Designing with materials like polished tin is a great idea if you want to make the room look more spacious. They present a matte finish and reflect the images. On the other hand, opting for the yellow shade for your cabinets creates an apparition of openness.

The Cherry Red Fridge
If you don’t want to spend money on remodeling your kitchen, complement it with a cheery red coloured fridge and make it the appealing focal point in your kitchen. It doesn’t matter is the rest of the room looks simple. In fact, you can paint the cabinets with some grey shade to enhance the brightness quotient of the fridge.

With so many design ideas being available, it’s time to approach the ideal firm offering interior designing and gift your small kitchen a new look.

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7 Designing Tips To Decorate Your Teenager’s Room In Kolkata

Ask your teen child how they want their rooms to be, and stay prepared to hear a large variety of suggestions. Though some of their responses will surely surprise you, those are simply the clear replica of their personality. Since parents always want the best for their children, make sure the interior designing you choose is also the best. Few decor tips to enhance the beauty of your child’s room are stated below.

Time For Some Zigzag

Match the colour of the bedsheet with some zigzag striped walls. Strips in grey, white or blue shades can be designed with peaks and declines. Make sure the colour of the bed sheet is in contrast with the light coloured carpet. You can even combine this with some orange striped pillow covers.

Sweet And Sophisticated

Make your teenager feel grown up with some high-textured wallpaper. Add a pinch of colour by pairing an orange nightstand with the black headboard or the accent wall. Pillow cases with floral prints or bold coloured pillow with patterns can add a playful twist.

The Rustic Touch

Wood boards having stripes on the wall not only create depth but also enrich the texture. Pile up the pillows to decorate the bed of your teenager before lighting up the green table lamp. The pop-up colours are sure to enrich the appealing factor of her room.

Play With Patterns

It’s time to mix the urban elements present in the room with the traditional items. What’s more unique than placing patterns on patterns? Just make sure whatever pattern you choose blends well with the texture, material, pattern, and colour of the room. You can even add a dream catcher as the centre of attraction.

Lacquer Walls

Nothing can bring the room back to life except a layer of rich ombre lacquer on the wall. The youthfulness of the room can be further enhanced by approaching some interior architects of Kolkata and design the room like some rock formations in the Pacific Coast.

Bold Walls For Siblings

Does your teenage daughter have to share her room with her siblings? Not to worry, you have a lot of options to gift their rooms an innovative appearance. Separate their red-framed beds to diagonal corners before you place a navy dresser in between. Don’t forget to place a matching table lamp over the dresser.

For The Sporty Teenager

Gone are the days when sketches and oil paintings were a must to enhance the beauty of a room. Nowadays, an oversized metallic initial with some old tennis racquet can offer the same charm. Complement the rustic coloured linen with pillows having strips of similar colours. You can even transform the old record boxes as a space to store your child’s books.

Since your teenager is in an age to learn, make sure whatever design, colour, finishes, or architecture you choose, inspire them.