Why Buying Modular Office Furniture Is A Good Investment?

Do you want to prepare for an office renovation, revamp the staffing, or refresh your workplace? You can definitely opt for drywall or modular walls. Drywall is one of the affordable choices for corporate layout design.

However, these walls were popular in the past, as offices required permanent structures. However, in the present day, office space needs to be easily erected, taken down or moved faster to accommodate changing staffing needs. Change in the overall workplace design also improves productivity.

When considering budget, design and longevity, the modular office interiors are a better investment as they are a smarter and more sustainable choice. Read more about the modular office furniture over the drywall construction for the upcoming renovation.

The Benefits of Using Modular Office Furniture


The modular walls are flexible and agile, able to adapt to changing business conditions and needs. They are best for office expansions and staffing add-ups. The modular walls can be reassembled easily to create new space without affecting the existing space. Most modular office structures come with built-in panels that are easy to remove, replace, and reinstall in a plug-and-play way. You can even create small private office chambers within a large conference room.


The modular walls are designed to be portable. Unlike drywall, you can easily transport the modular walls when shifting to a new building or floor. They are made with high-quality, durable materials that are easy to pack and ship to any location you need. They are convenient and affordable.


If you install drywalls in your office, you know how messy it will be. It is a noisy and dirty process that leaves a certain position in your office unsuitable for further use. On the other hand, modular walls are quite easy to install with just making a few drills and putting in the screws. They do not leave any dust or debris behind. You can install these walls in a short time. They will help you to find a new space within your office.

They Are Environmentally Responsible

Modular walls can be reused in any shape without waste. Even after many years, the materials can be reused again. They are best for environmentally conscious businesses. As they can be recycled, no waste is produced.

These are some of the reasons why offices prefer modular furniture. Internal Affairs helps you to design a healthy, happy and beautiful workplace. Productivity largely depends upon the office’s infrastructure; hence, you can improve it by incorporating the latest furniture. Get in touch with us now.


Important Questions to Ask To an Interior Designer before Finalising the Deal

Choosing an interior designer is undoubtedly one of the best investments in transforming your living space. You need to have a home that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Whether you redesign the home, office, or villa, choosing the best interior designer can help.

If you search online, you will find several professionals offering similar services. However, working with the top interior designers in Kolkata can be tricky. Choosing the right design can be easy if you ask the professionals some important questions before finalising the deal.

Vital Questions to Ask before making the contract

Below, let’s review the questions you can ask the interior designer to ensure you get the maximum benefits from the interior design.

What The Design Style You Follow?

Every designer has a unique style and approach to every design. Before you hire one such professional, you need to try to understand the architect’s style and then determine whether it aligns with the design you are looking for. Some designers excel at creating contemporary designs, while others prefer traditional styles. So, it is good to discuss your preferences before hiring.

Is There Any Portfolio Of Past Work?

This is a vital question that you cannot skip. Every designer claims to be the best in the market. Instead of trusting their work, it is good to look for portfolios and understand their work quality. By checking the portfolio, you can understand the designer’s design capabilities, attention to detail, and ability to adapt to different preferences.

How Do You Collaborate With The Clients?

Effective communication is a must when choosing an interior designer. Learn about the designer’s process for involving the clients in decision-making and how to handle all feedback. This will help you understand how flexible they are to work, and you can then plan accordingly.

How do you decide on the budget for home redesigning?

Determining a budget is one of the major aspects of interior design. You can consult with different interior designers in the area, compare quotes, and find the one that fits your estimates. Remember, you should not be attracted to low-cost packages; never compromise quality over quantity.

These are some major questions you can ask the interior designer before finalising the deal—Internal Affairs Interiors Pvt. Ltd is one of Kolkata’s leading interior designers, aiming to provide the best home and corporate office designs. Our services include interior design, home remodelling, corporate interiors, office remodelling, etc. Feel free to contact us for any requirements.


What Is The Importance Of Proper Office Design For Your Business?

The advantage of having a well-designed office space goes beyond comfort and aesthetics. A good office design always enhances the productivity of the employees, giving them motivation, ability, and everything they want. The overall look of the workplace is one of the main deciding factors in whether clients will trust your work. Hence, proper office interiors in Kolkata and other locations are important for the overall success of the office.

What Do You Understand By Proper Interior Design?

Your overall office design is as important as what you offer to clients and employees. As a business owner, you must create a space that fulfils both functionality and style, sets the mood and comfort in the office, promotes efficiency, and drives energy among the employees.

For the customers, the visual aesthetics of the workplace also create an everlasting impression in their minds. It tells a story about the brand, its aims and goals, success stories, and the sophistication that drives potential clients.

Thus, a proper arrangement is only sometimes a luxury, but it is always necessary for all who use the space.

Making the Proper Layout of the Design and Space Necessities

How the overall space will be used plays an important role in the overall layout of the office space. Finding the perfect balance between the private and open spaces in the kitchen is very important. The open space concept is embraced by different new space options that allow interactions among employees in the workplace. However, this concept is only for some office suites.

It depends upon the needs and features of the employees; you can make a well-thought-out design space after consulting with the interior designer, who will work with you to provide the best office interior service.

What Are The Key Importance Of A Good Office Design?

  • Proper Office Design That Reflects The Personality Of The Business

How the office looks will convey the type of business you have. For example, the office of a garment industry company will have a contemporary look, bright furniture, and metal accents. Every office interior design reflects the brand message and highlights the company’s culture.

  • Clients And Customers Decide On Office Design

The first impression is the last. From the client’s perspective, a well-designed workplace means they have brand reliability. At the same time, a well-designed office has a good impression of the brand.

Hence, to increase workplace productivity and satisfy customers, you can consult with the team from Internal Affairs to create the best office interior designs that will motivate your employees and make them happy. Call us now to learn more about our services.


Why Vastu Shastra Plays an Important Role in Home Interior Designing

Vastu is the science of architecture, which many often need to understand. Some interior designers follow these rules and principles to design their homes and commercial spaces, whereas some believe that not following them might bring bad luck. 

Vastu Shastra design is not an art to design the spaces, nor does it bring bad luck when not followed; it is actually a rulebook that encompasses various architectural elements like windows, doors, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. 

Besides, it also provides the right solutions if you still need to place the given elements as per Vastu rules. If you check out home and office interiors in Kolkata, you will find that most of them are influenced by the Vastu Shastra guidelines. Even the designers follow them before planning for construction when clients demand. 

The Interior Designers in Kolkata- What’s Their Take on These Principles?


Vastu Shastra is the oldest form of building practice linked to the Vedas and is mainly based on the five core components: space, air, fire, water and earth. The idea is to use these five elements while building a new building. Following the Vastu shastra allows the designers to keep away the negative energies from the space and brings harmony. Once the five elements are achieved in the new construction model, it will eventually bring more happiness, wealth and better relationships. 

Application of Vastu Shastra in Home Interiors:

The best location for the living room should be in the northeast direction, as it creates a sense of serenity and positive vibes. North can also be an ideal place. The entrance to the living room should be built north or east, bringing health, fame and wealth. The furniture should be arranged in the south and west corners. Light colours should be selected for walls as they help bring the place warmth. 

The bedroom placed in the North should be best for young couples. It is best for keeping cash and documents. The bedroom should never be in the northeast or southeast. The main bedroom should be located in the southwest region. You must use light colours like rose, green and yellow for the walls. The cupboards should be placed in the southwest corner, and the bed should not be in the middle. 

The best direction for the kitchen is southeast or the abode of fire. The sink along the taps should be placed in the northeast or the abode of water. The storage space should be outside the North or east walls. There should be no toilets adjoining. 


The Role of Wall Art and Paintings in Interior Design

Interior design is essentially the art of creating aesthetically pleasing functional spaces. It makes the interior reflect the personality and the taste of the occupants. Wall art is one of the most intrinsic parts of interior design. For a leading interior designer in Kolkata, wall art is an integral element of modern interior design that can enhance the ambience, create focal points and instil a sense of personality into a room. Let’s take a close look at why wall art is an important part and parcel of interior design.

The Impacts of Wall Art and Paintings in the Case of Interior Design

Wall art and paintings can take your interior design to a sublime level. And it can also infuse personalised style into your interior. Let’s take a look at how it can spruce up your interior design.

Expressing your Style

Your interior or indoor is the most intimate place in your entire home. So you would want it to be personalised. You would want it to express your innermost spirit. If  you are a cinema lover, theatrical posters would be a great way to spruce up the walls of your interior. On the other hand, if you are an art lover, you can mould the décor of your room with abstract paintings or the works of the classical masters. Well-chosen wall art can stand as a powerful testimony to the kind of person you are. It will draw all the eyes of the guests as well as dictate the colour palette or the theme of the room.

Enhancing the Ambiance

Nothing can as significantly enhance the style tone or décor of  the ambience as well-chosen wall art. For instance, it could be a calm and tranquil wall art to create a sense of serenity and tranquillity in a bedroom or living room. It could also consist of  bold, vibrant and energising pieces. And lastly, it could consist of elegant and tasteful art. Wall art has a remarkable boon to infuse depth in your interior. It can make the space feel more expansive and vast. This immersive boon offered by wall art is particularly valuable in smaller rooms that can feel wider and bigger through the magic touch of wall art.

So, in the above-mentioned two-fold ways, wall art and paintings can completely transform the make, feel and textures of your living room. If  you want to unleash the full power of wall art, reach out to Internal Affairs, the leading interior designer in Kolkata.


Office Interior Ideas for Enhancing the Employee Productivity Levels

Apart from home, the workplace is where an individual spends the precious hours of their life. Hence, a pleasant, inspiring and aesthetically attractive ambience is necessary to motivate the people coming to the office daily. A friendly office interior gives a positive mindset to the employees. Unknowingly, office decor can add to the productivity of the employees. It helps to boost their mental state, improves concentration and inculcates a sense of creativity in the employees.

Get in touch with professional designers for such office interiors in Kolkata. They will help you from concept planning to complete office interior decoration.

What are the office interior ideas for improving productivity levels?

Decorate the office with the right acoustics

Working in the congested environment of the office makes life hectic for employees. Using the right form of acoustic furniture pieces will make things easier. It helps in filtering out the background noise. Acoustic decorations keep the room quiet and confidential, giving employees peace of mind. For instance, individually designed screens and curved furniture pieces will make the interiors peaceful for the employees. Peaceful interiors help employees to be productive.

Opt for green office interior designs

By instilling green plants along with office furniture pieces, you can enhance the visuals and the air quality of the office interior. Viewing greenery within the four walls of the office premises creates a positive experience in the employees’ minds. You can complement the greenery with exclusive wall art, office plants and pictures to make the environment more positive and give the employees the right mindset to work.

Make sure you install the right lighting

The right lights play a major role in enhancing office decor. Buy desk lamps, go for combination lighting, use the correct luminance and avoid glaring and high power lights for the office premises as they disturb the peaceful working mentality of the employees.


The Best Way To Select Your Ideal Interior Architects

Selecting the ideal interior architect for your house might be difficult. As a client, you desire everything to be perfect and in order. There is little room for error because you have to live there. Choosing a good interior designer or architect is also vital because they have a deeper understanding of preferences and wants and may add a personal touch as needed. The top interior architects of Kolkata provide specialised interior design services based on your space to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Factors to take into account while selecting interior architects

Look at The Portfolio

You should always look at the architect’s portfolio before hiring them for interior design work in your home. Learning additional specifics about their areas of expertise, inventiveness, and abilities is quite beneficial. A wise choice may also be made after assessing the portfolios that offer strategies to allocate funds by needs.

Past Undertakings

Homeowners can evaluate interior designers’ competence and other aspects by getting information about their prior project work. In addition, if the specifics of the previously finished projects are known, it is feasible to assess the designers’ overall performance.

Talk About the Budget

The most important aspect of interior architects is budget, which determines which persons best suit the client’s wants. Verifying that the designer can finish the tasks within the allocated budget is smart. To determine expected costs, homeowners might ask interior designers about their budgets.

Requesting References

Building owners should consider requesting referrals from trustworthy sources if they want to locate the interior architects of Kolkata. It also offers techniques for precisely planning interior design projects to achieve superior finishing.

Talk to Them Face-to-Face

Once a few qualified designers or architects have been narrowed down, clients should concentrate more on in-person interactions. Many service providers provide their clients with complimentary on-site visits to assess the requirements of their projects. In addition, they provide information on payment arrangements, material selection, and budget-friendly design options.

The top interior designers in Kolkata are adaptable, do their best to incorporate their client’s needs and design concepts, and ultimately deliver the desired outcome. Internal Affairs provides top-notch, full-service interior designers and architects for homes in Kolkata. Please request a free quotation for your interior design from us right now.

Interior Designers

Four Smart Tips by Interior Designers in Kolkata to Walk on your Budget

Are you considering designing your dream home, but you have yet to communicate with a specialist interior designer as you have a minimum budget? It is high time that you move out from this thinking and get help from one of these experts to save money on the interior planning of your house.
There are lots of interior designers in Kolkata who are trained, knowledgeable and highly skilful to offer the best services to the clients. It is always good to look for those with many years of experience in this field who can provide the service within the given budget.
Here are some of the tips to save money when you are designing your home by hiring the experts.

Few Tips Interior Designers Follow to Save Money

Using Genuine And Affordable Materials For Construction

You need to gain experience to get the raw materials for interior designing to ask the designer to do the task for you. As they have experience in this industry and they know how to get the materials at the best price possible, you can save money in this segment. If you are planning to have some equipment installed in the home, you need to do a little bit of research beforehand.

Consider The Aesthetics First

Though there are lots of aesthetics to consider while you are making interior designing for your home, you can either opt for a rustic or industrial design theme, or you can pick the one which looks purposeful even when you are leaving the project in a middle way. The interior designers in Kolkata prefer choosing concrete floors as they provide an industrial vibe and are affordable.

Interior Designers in Kolkata

Take Smaller Steps First

The price of designing the home interiors will become higher if you plan to design a big home altogether. If you do not have many family members or you are not planning for a family recently, you can choose a smaller house for decoration. You can determine the overall square foot required and then choose the open floor space.

Splurge when Needed

When you have a restricted budget, you can consult with a professional interior designer who will help you decide when to stop and when to expand. For instance, even when you are using batting in place of foam insulation, it will help you to save on your budget. You can also go for energy-efficient roofing that will save money.
These are some steps suggested by top interior designers for saving money on home decoration and aesthetics. Make sure to consult with the team from Internal Affairs when you are planning for interior design and renovation.

Office Interior Designers

Inspiring Wallpaper Ideas You Can Incorporate in Your Office Space

If you use digital gadgets like smartphones and computers most of your day, you may get confused about the concept of wallpapers. Apart from decorating your digital screens, wallpapers are important for interior decorations, too. It is a much more important element to enhance the aesthetics of your property.

The Importance of Installing Wallpapers:

While wallpapers are a central feature of a residential space, one should not ignore their role in enhancing the appeal of a commercial space. Rather than trying the same old dull wall scheme, you can customise the wallpaper theme and make your office interior design more interesting. Not only will this improve its aesthetic value, but it will also boost employee morale and productivity.

4 Wallpapers to Try in Your Commercial Property:

For proper help choosing the right wallpaper for your office space, consult professional office interior designers in Kolkata. They will be able to help you choose a design that will match your office’s mood. Below, you can find some ideal options for wallpapers for commercial space.

Graphic Wallpaper: Are you a fan of contemporary design and abstract art? This can be your perfect choice for wallpaper. You can always customise the options for the graphics on the wallpaper. From conservative designs to modern art, you can get full independence to become creative in choosing a pattern.

Nature Inspired Theme: It is an open-ended choice, where you can reflect your love for nature through wallpaper selection. Nature-inspired wallpapers may consist of various designs, from vertical gardens to natural shades. You can also ask the designers to install biophilic images, which will help the employees remain more calm and relaxed.

Textured Wallpapers: If you want to add the element of class without crumpling the office space, textured wallpapers can be the perfect option. It will help create an immersive work atmosphere, making the employees feel at home. This type of wallpaper is also helpful in creating a lasting impression on the customers as well.

Vintage Style: This is a popular choice among commercial property owners who want to delve deep into nostalgia. It will create an attractive environment where the visitors will experience a throwback to the good old days.

These are a few creative wallpaper design ideas you can incorporate into your office space. For more assistance from a professional source, you can get in touch with Internal Affairs Design Studio. We are a well known name for office interior designers in Kolkata. For more information, you can visit our website today.

Interior Design

Five Most Commonly Asked Questions About Interior Design

For some people, hiring an interior designer company in Kolkata may not seem very comforting. But, in reality, it can make things much easier for you. Have you ever wondered about the most common questions about interior design? If so, then this blog is for you. Here, we have answered the six most common questions to help you navigate the world of interior design. Please scroll down and look at them.

Interior Design: Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Interior Design?

From planning to developing attractive and functional spaces, an interior designer company in Kolkata can do it all. Moreover, it combines science and aesthetic art, ensuring your living space is comfortable and appealing.

Who Is an Interior Designer?

A professional who coordinates, handles, plans and executes an interior design project is known as an interior designer. A designer’s job is to make sure their interior design plan fulfills the homeowner’s needs. Not just that, they also make sure it’s functional, aesthetic, convenient and safe. Moreover, the top interior designers in Kolkata provide support during the process of execution and supervise the construction part.

Should You Invest in Hiring an Interior Designer?

If you don’t have the technical and professional expertise to take down this challenging task, it’s wise to hire an interior designing service. It can assist you to prevent costly mistakes, get quality assistance, and save time.

What Is the Difference Between Interior Design and Interior Decoration?

Interior design is all about the science and art that plays a crucial role in creating home interiors. This relates to developing a space that looks attractive and functional. In addition, interior design involves different technicalities of your space as well. In contrast, interior decoration is all about adding decor to space to ensure it goes well with a particular aesthetic.

What Is the Cost of Interior Designing?

The cost of interior design relies on multiple factors like home size, location, project scope, materials used, etc. On average, the interior design cost in Kolkata can range between 5 lakhs to 25 lakhs. For a free quote, contact a reputable interior designer today.

To make your dream home a reality, look no further than Internal Affairs. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we always strive to maintain our reputation. We are among the few names you can put stakes on for stunning interiors. To get a free quote, get in touch with us today.