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Want to design your living space so that it blends well with the rest of your house? Look no further than Internal Affairs. All our interior designers of Kolkata have years to industry presence and know that a good design is the one whose appeal and value can last for generations. We take much pride in stating that all our interior designers and architects are the best our industry has to offer. Discuss your residential or corporate interior designing needs with them and they will customise their services accordingly. Every design is properly planned by our interior designers in Kolkata to make your interiors more functional and appealing.

Established in the year 2001, Internal Affairs has over the years projected itself as one of the most reputed firms offering interior designing services at competitive prices. Big or small, we treat every interior design and decoration project with equal importance. Our interior architects of Kolkata even undergo training at fixed intervals to keep them updated with the latest interior designing trends and serve our clients better. They have designed hundreds of office interiors, flats, bungalows, apartments, showrooms, hotels, hospitals and clubs in the last few years.

What is Interior Designing?

Interior Designers KolkataInterior designing or interior design is simply the art through which the beauty of your building’s interior is enhanced. The focus is on attaining a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment for you. The designer researches, plans, coordinates, manage and execute the designing project. Colours play a dominant role during interior designing. Stylish schemes are created by coordinating each colour. Our interior designers will visit your house for an initial site survey before customising their services. Not everyone hiring them is aware of the fact that even the tiny room in your house will seem larger than it actually with the apt interior design.

At Internal Affairs, we craft for you the most creative solution through our programmed interior designing services. We leave no stone unturned to help you achieve your desired result by conceptual planning and applying technical solutions. For us, it is not only about enhancing the ambiance or visual appeal of your interiors. Various factors are considered while formulating the design that suits you the best. The focus is on maximising your ROI.

Enhance The Appeal Of Your Interiors With The Latest Trends

Our certified interior architects and designers in Kolkata undergo training at fixed intervals to keep themselves updated with the latest interior designing trends. A flexible design is the one capable of adapting and incorporating influences which can make your interiors more functional and stylish. As far as furniture is concerned, upholstered pieces like benches,  sofas and chaises designed with undulation and asymmetry have become quite popular.

The latest interior design trends exemplify a story and become a reflection of your taste and preferences. Innovative patterns are unfolding which are addressing the needs of our society and the environment. Our expert interior designers know how to incorporate top interior design trends into your own personal style. They will merge the client’s aesthetics with the latest in interior design movements.

Types of Interior Design

Internal Affairs has more than 16 years of industry presence and offer a wide range of interior designs for customers to choose from. Listed below are the top 5 designs mostly preferred by the clients.

  • Modern

This design amplifies the available space and is mostly suited for small rooms. An excessive amount of decoration or accessories is avoided. The usage of textures is kept to minimal. A balance is maintained between the structural integrity of your house and its aesthetic value. Numerous homeowners in Kolkata have embraced the contemporary house style.

  • Contemporary

Clean, smooth, and geometric shapes are considered to be essential while curvy lines are used frequently. We make sure to use only unique and customised furniture for clients opting for contemporary design. The objective is to maximise natural light levels. Contemporary interiors focus more on space rather than things. The curves and circles render a touch of softness to the space.

  • Traditional

Mostly floral prints are used while patterns and fabric colours are understated. Most of the furniture pieces are curved, soft, and mostly placed in pairs. Since the design reflects consistency and order, we pay attention to details. Our experienced interior designers know how to utilise forms, colours and materials to create a cosy space. It offers the perfect blend of elegance and comfort.

  • Urban / Industrial

The objective is to create some open space as open floor plans are quite common in houses having an industrial style. Designers at Internal Affairs make more use of industrial material like rough wood, metals, and bricks. The style takes cues from old factories and industrial spaces. It is all about the unexpected use of materials in the building. Opt for this design if you want to render a homey, unfussy, and comfortable look to your rooms.

  • Classic

The wood used is generally dark in colour having ornate carvings. Rooms are given a coordinated and harmonious look. Furnishings are arranged around a focal point like the fireplace. We aim at using classic furniture which is richer than the traditional ones. Our interior designers pay equal importance to all the interior design elements, including light, colour, pattern, texture, form, line and space.

Interior Architects in Kolkata

Internal Affairs is best defined by a zealous team of young site supervisors, designers & interior architects in Kolkata who have always known their way around the work. We believe your home or work space should not only be a symbol of grandeur, but also bespeak your personality out-and-out. It should be your atmosphere of rejuvenation rather than a plain room within which, you struggle to live or simply go on glaring at a computer screen. This is why we indulge wholeheartedly in giving  your residential and corporate interiors in Kolkata a personal touch. We balance all the designing elements to create an aesthetically pleasing interior. Never missing a beat of the recent trends, Internal Affairs delivers matchless results that are spellbinding and inspiring. Yes, we are celebrating a delightful affair with interior design in kolkata– true to our name.

Why Should You Choose Our Interior Designers in Kolkata?

  • Customer satisfaction is a priority.
  • A market presence for over a decade.
  • In-house team of designers.
  • Creative solutions for interior decoration.
  • Research-oriented approach to work.
  • Competent in designing traditional as well as modern interiors.
  • Services for residential as well as corporate needs.
  • Use of quality materials sourced from trusted vendors.
  • Incredible space management.
  • Keen about meeting deadlines.
  • Customized services.
  • Affordable and budget-friendly service rates.
  • No cutting corners.
  • Friendly and responsive customer care.
  • Reasonable price and get a free quote.
  • Ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
  • More than 10 years of experience in the industry.
  • Craft creative solutions for your project
  • Experienced and skilled in-house designers
  • Can design both traditional and modern interiors.
  • Know how to manage the available space
  • Meet deadlines and offer customised services
  • Responsive customer service.

Application of Interior Design

At Internal Affairs, we understand that interior designing differs a lot from home decorations. If you are looking for a customised interior design in Kolkata which will make your living space elegant and beautiful, trust our interior designers. They know that the main objective of interior designing is to establish a fine-looking and functional interior space. The design and theme selected harmonise with the total house. Apt colours are used to blend the separate spaces.

If you are willing to redecorate your home, then opting for interior designing is a wise thing to do. And with Internal Affairs by your side, you can expect nothing less than the best. All our designers have adequate knowledge about the various accessories, ornaments, and furnishing used during interior designing. To know more about Interior designing, get in touch with us today!

Office Interiors in Kolkata

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