Why Vastu Shastra Plays an Important Role in Home Interior Designing

Vastu is the science of architecture, which many often need to understand. Some interior designers follow these rules and principles to design their homes and commercial spaces, whereas some believe that not following them might bring bad luck. 

Vastu Shastra design is not an art to design the spaces, nor does it bring bad luck when not followed; it is actually a rulebook that encompasses various architectural elements like windows, doors, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. 

Besides, it also provides the right solutions if you still need to place the given elements as per Vastu rules. If you check out home and office interiors in Kolkata, you will find that most of them are influenced by the Vastu Shastra guidelines. Even the designers follow them before planning for construction when clients demand. 

The Interior Designers in Kolkata- What’s Their Take on These Principles?


Vastu Shastra is the oldest form of building practice linked to the Vedas and is mainly based on the five core components: space, air, fire, water and earth. The idea is to use these five elements while building a new building. Following the Vastu shastra allows the designers to keep away the negative energies from the space and brings harmony. Once the five elements are achieved in the new construction model, it will eventually bring more happiness, wealth and better relationships. 

Application of Vastu Shastra in Home Interiors:

The best location for the living room should be in the northeast direction, as it creates a sense of serenity and positive vibes. North can also be an ideal place. The entrance to the living room should be built north or east, bringing health, fame and wealth. The furniture should be arranged in the south and west corners. Light colours should be selected for walls as they help bring the place warmth. 

The bedroom placed in the North should be best for young couples. It is best for keeping cash and documents. The bedroom should never be in the northeast or southeast. The main bedroom should be located in the southwest region. You must use light colours like rose, green and yellow for the walls. The cupboards should be placed in the southwest corner, and the bed should not be in the middle. 

The best direction for the kitchen is southeast or the abode of fire. The sink along the taps should be placed in the northeast or the abode of water. The storage space should be outside the North or east walls. There should be no toilets adjoining.