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Tips To Make The Best Use Of Small Living Room Space

We all want a large living room, but it is not affordable for everyone. But this doesn’t have to restrict you from decorating and making your space attractive. You just need to make some clever decisions to transform your living room within your budget. You can also reach out to a reliable and efficient interior designer for home interior design in Kolkata. Let’s delve into the subject.

Six Ways You Can Transform Your Small Living Space

Having a Beautiful Piece of Art: Bringing in some sculptural elements or sourcing some affordable ones online is the best way to incorporate a cozy vibe into your home. No room can complete without a couple of statement art pieces. You can choose an oversized art piece to add character to your space or go for art pieces of bold and vibrant color.

Having an Accent Wall: The accent wall gives your home much-needed personality and depth. You can choose from a beautifully printed accent wall to a basic painted one with some eye-catching colors. You can also repaint it as and when needed, as it’s just a small section of a wall.

Get Transitional: You can consider a transitional mix of decorative \ pieces to give an elegant look to your space. This will surely make your guests move their eyes. Be creative and think eclectic.

Keep it Minimal: If going transitional isn’t your choice, you can go for minimalism. You can keep a single-tone color scheme and also keep things pattern free and paired down. You can create a concise feel which never goes out of style. So, you don’t need regular shuffling of decorative elements to maintain the feel of your living room.

Mirrors: Mirrors can create an illusion of a larger space, making it a perfect addition to your small living area. The concept is the brighter a room is, the larger it feels. This is why mirrors are an excellent addition. You can also source other metallic and high-shine pieces to illuminate your space.

Light Colors: Light colors make your space look brighter and eventually appear larger. Transforming a small living room is all about creating the feeling of a space. Go for a while or other light-colored furnishings and wall coverings, and ensure they blend together.

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Easy and Affordable Tips To Transform Your Home Interior

Every home needs renovation periodically. You can either opt to add a fresh lick of paint or new furniture or even change the entire home decor as well. If you are concerned about the budget, you can get in touch with some low-budget interior designers in Kolkata to help you. Every place will start becoming dull without maintenance. Hence, if you want your home to be welcoming and warm, consider upgrading it.

Quick Ways To Upgrade Your Home Interior

Thorough Research

Remodeling your house will definitely require you to do proper research. It will help you find out the places where you can get the best items at competitive prices. It will help you save money.

Custom Art Prints to Decorate Your Walls

Art and design go hand in hand. It can be an excellent option for a low-budget home design. You can choose fun posters or even detailed portraits to create magic on your walls. If you find choosing prints and canvas confusing, you can also opt for metal designs. It will curate a contemporary theme for your interiors.

Multifunctional Display Unit

You can use your shelves as a home decor element. Having open display units just transforms the whole vibe of the living space. You can use them to store books, keep plants and other decorative ornaments.

Add Indoor Plants

Greenery itself can make anything look beautiful and aesthetically appealing. Having a set of potted plants is one of the best options, especially when you are tight on budget. You can add low-maintenance indoor plants like cacti and fiddle-leaf figs.

Spruce Up Your Floors with Statement or Textured Rugs

Rugs can transform a space effortlessly without any structural modifications. You can choose either printed rugs or patterned ones. Take your room’s design into consideration when choosing rugs. You can also opt for a jute rug or a neutral carpet to keep the minimalistic look.

Quirky Mirror Designs

Mirrors can not only make a chic style statement but can also make a space look bigger than it actually is. So, it is a must-have if you own a smaller home. There are a wide variety of stylish mirror designs you can choose from as per your requirements.

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6 Cool Ideas To Enhance The Beauty Of Your House With Old Furniture

One of the stuff which once upon a time had much utility for us but is now rendered to be useless is the old furniture. Time has passed and people’s preferences have changed. The furniture which was once considered to be the pride of our house is now treated to be a junk. We are too keen to find out ways to get rid of them.

Trust us, inducing a bit of life in them can help to get back the spark it once had. A little effort can transform any old furniture into a designer sample, hard to recognize. No doubt, recycling wooden furniture is indeed a cool thing to do. Few best ideas of transforming your old furniture are stated below.
Kid’s Dresser

Update your old dresser by painting it with some bright colors. Repaint the forgotten dresser with some bright pinkish shade which offers a playful look and suits best in the kid’s room. Kids can even use it to write or draw their imaginations, thus saving the walls from unexpected scribbling.
Message Board

Not only the furniture but even the old mattress can be used in combination with the furniture to enhance the beauty of your interiors. The old mattress can be hung over the over-sized old message board. Just make sure to clean all rust with a wire brush from the mattress’s spring. Use some cloth pins to hold up unique messages, thus rendering the structure a vintage look.
Mantel Decor

We are often left with numerous materials after remodeling a kitchen. You can decorate the fireplace mantel with the unused cabinet doors. These doors can also be used to cover or hide a hole on your TV. Just paint the furniture with a colour matching the mantel. You can also put some decorative candles or plate over it.
Create A Home Office

A home office can be easily created by using some junk furniture. Use the old wooden pallet as the desktop or the ladder to create the framework. The wooden pallets and storage units can also act as back support or a shelving unit offering you more storage space. Interior Architects of Kolkata often fills these shelves with uniquely designed vintage objects to offer it a rustic look.
Chalkboard Container

The most ordinary tea tin can be transformed into the most stylish container to store stationery goods just by using the chalkboard paints. Apply a coat of chalkboard paint and top with a layer of primer on the tea tin. Do some creative work by labeling the contents inside with a chalk.
Decoupage Damaged Furniture

Stop throwing away your damage furniture and hid the imperfection with decoupage. For example, a sheet of music can be used to hide the imperfection on the long-neglected dresser. There are other items also which you can be used for decoupaging, like maps, letters, postcard, or book pages.

This being said it’s time to recycle your old furniture and make the most of it.


6 Inescapable Points to Choose Interior Designer in Kolkata that Most People Ignore

People know interior designers but have a vague idea about their work. Well, an interior designer is an expert who knows both science and art of the human psychology, behaviour regarding the furnishings, room’s space and the concept of beauty.

Once a team of expert interior designers of Kolkata mentioned in their article that the biggest difference between an interior decorator and designer is the numbers of issues they are handle with. For example, when it comes to the issue of floor colouring a decorator will deal with the type, texture, colour and pattern. At the same time, the designer will make the selection on the basis of the criteria of sound transference, eye soothing technique, acoustic property, Flammability etc.

There is a very slight difference between arranging furniture and decorating the home. This difference has given birth the term home Designer or interior designer.

The saddest part of hiring interior designers in Kolkata, most of the time is done without measuring the vital factors. Here are some points to keep in mind while choosing an interior designer.

How to choose a right Interior designer?

1. Able to read the Clients mindset

A house reflects the taste, characteristic, mindset and location of the homeowner. Every province has a different mindset, rituals, behaviour and psychology. And a house is the blueprint of all the factors. A designer is a representative, a means to come true the factors in reality. Choose a designer who will understand you and your taste as an ancient resident of the city of joy. He should hire one who will reflect your inner self through your house.

2. Should discuss about the budget before start working

Budget is one of the main factors while you are going to decor your rooms. Most people have a misconception that hiring Interior Designers in Kolkata is nothing but a luxury. But let me clear the concept first-the budget is depending on the scale of the project. Most of the time designer use equipment that are at a reasonable price and come at an affordable price offered by the clients. They ask the approximate budget before starting the work.

3. Need the right knowledge to design with a little equipment

The true interior designer knows how to adorn a room or house with little expenses. The beauty of the room does not depend on the expressive furniture that is stuffed into space but the art that makes attractive with less furniture. Your right designer never asks you to bring lots of stuff.

4. Style should be matched

Style matters. All have their own style in your working field. Every expert designers follow their own style and leaves a signature mark. Before start working with them, ask for some specimen photos of their work. If the catches your mind, finalised the team.

5. Visit their previous client

No matter how popular and reputed they are, be a doubting Thomas about their work and behaviour and ask for the previous clients of them. If you need to visit those do it right now and then confirm your designer.

6. Interior does not need a lot of time

Time is a vital factor in every field of your life. A right and experience designer takes a little time to decorate your house as they calculate the decoration in their mind at the very first sight.