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7 Designing Tips To Decorate Your Teenager’s Room In Kolkata

Ask your teen child how they want their rooms to be, and stay prepared to hear a large variety of suggestions. Though some of their responses will surely surprise you, those are simply the clear replica of their personality. Since parents always want the best for their children, make sure the interior designing you choose is also the best. Few decor tips to enhance the beauty of your child’s room are stated below.

Time For Some Zigzag

Match the colour of the bedsheet with some zigzag striped walls. Strips in grey, white or blue shades can be designed with peaks and declines. Make sure the colour of the bed sheet is in contrast with the light coloured carpet. You can even combine this with some orange striped pillow covers.

Sweet And Sophisticated

Make your teenager feel grown up with some high-textured wallpaper. Add a pinch of colour by pairing an orange nightstand with the black headboard or the accent wall. Pillow cases with floral prints or bold coloured pillow with patterns can add a playful twist.

The Rustic Touch

Wood boards having stripes on the wall not only create depth but also enrich the texture. Pile up the pillows to decorate the bed of your teenager before lighting up the green table lamp. The pop-up colours are sure to enrich the appealing factor of her room.

Play With Patterns

It’s time to mix the urban elements present in the room with the traditional items. What’s more unique than placing patterns on patterns? Just make sure whatever pattern you choose blends well with the texture, material, pattern, and colour of the room. You can even add a dream catcher as the centre of attraction.

Lacquer Walls

Nothing can bring the room back to life except a layer of rich ombre lacquer on the wall. The youthfulness of the room can be further enhanced by approaching some interior architects of Kolkata and design the room like some rock formations in the Pacific Coast.

Bold Walls For Siblings

Does your teenage daughter have to share her room with her siblings? Not to worry, you have a lot of options to gift their rooms an innovative appearance. Separate their red-framed beds to diagonal corners before you place a navy dresser in between. Don’t forget to place a matching table lamp over the dresser.

For The Sporty Teenager

Gone are the days when sketches and oil paintings were a must to enhance the beauty of a room. Nowadays, an oversized metallic initial with some old tennis racquet can offer the same charm. Complement the rustic coloured linen with pillows having strips of similar colours. You can even transform the old record boxes as a space to store your child’s books.

Since your teenager is in an age to learn, make sure whatever design, colour, finishes, or architecture you choose, inspire them.

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