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Interior Architects and their Ideas of Making a Small Living Beautiful

HOME!!! Ahh, perhaps is the best word that soothes your olfactory after a hectic day. What does a home stand for? Is it an abode for living? NO, it’s a little nest of peace. What if, you have a small place for living? Do you know, space doesn’t matter? What matters the most, is the style and arrangement that make your place worthwhile.

LIVING ROOM, the only place that we decorate for our guests and as a Bengali, most people want to sum up their whole culture and ritual in this room. Interior is not something to gather up things but an artful arrangement with handful stuff. Your small living can be the most attractive place full of vigour and vivacity.

How to make small living room gorgeous with simple stuff?

Step #1: collect and divide:

Living Room InteriorThe very first step of ornamenting a small apartment living room is to divide the stuff, especially furniture, into two parts- large and small. For example, a sofa or a round centre table of the chairs are a kind of large staff. On the other hand, a wall hanging, a beautiful flower vase, a wooden magazine stand are kind of small stuff. Diving things into two parts makes the decorating part easier.

Step #2: Parting placing the larger furniture:

Before arranging the furniture in the real world, arrange them in your mind first. Don’t start the work without making an imaginary blueprint in your mind. As your room is small you have to place all the stuff like a way that would be visible to your guests. You can secure the most visible corner of the room for the sofa, as the guests are seeking for a resting place entering the room.

Place the centre table just in front of the sofa that makes the visitors comfortable of having the snacks sitting on the sofa. You can place some little chairs or wooden stools beside the sofa. Place some seats besides the windows but do not gather them together. Concentrating on a particular part can make the part crowded, and that’s the symbol of bad architecture.

In some cases, you can call Interior Architects of Kolkata who can give you some more innovative ideas for decorating the place. TV is one of the important things about this place. Make sure, placing it makes your guests comfort watching. Many little but vital things that you have to adjust according to the have and size of the room.

Step #3: focus on the small stuff:

Little things are not little if you know the art of placing them in a right way. Whereas the larger furniture are the part of necessity, smallers are piece of beauty and the object to enhancing your taste. For example, placing a small wooden magazine rack beside the sofa or next to the plasma TV opens you up silently to your guests. On the other hand placing a “Sitar” at a corner shows your cultural flavour. You can also replace that nostalgic flavour with contemporary just by replacing the sitar by a “guitar”.

Walls are the best place to hang your inner self. Make it traditional by a painting of Yamini Ranjan Roy or make it contemporary with the modern art.

Closure thought:

Decorating a living is not something that you have to learn but an art that you have to acquire by your own. It varies from man to man, place to place. Just take a breath, make a vow for bringing out yourself and make it happen.

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