5 Principle Factors Every Interior Designer Should Consider

Interior Designing is the key element that makes every space look pleasing and aesthetic. It is like weaving a story of beauty and visualization to enhance the appearance of the place. The best interior designers in Kolkata implement modern techniques and creative solutions to build appealing interiors. They also take care to suit the users’ requirements accordingly.

The Principles of Interior Designing

The discipline of interior designing is multi-faceted. The purpose is to transform the place and make it cohesive and inviting. The fundamentals followed by every interior designer in Kolkata are as follows-
Balance brings equilibrium in interior design. The objects should be cautiously positioned concerning the symmetry of the space and its visual appeal. It also creates the proper distribution of weight around the room. For example, if there is a table, placing two chairs on each side creates an equal balance.

Asymmetrical balance is informal,

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consisting of forms, lines, colours, and texture. It helps remove the monotony, and creates equality in the room. The room also looks less formal.
Every interior designer must avoid repeating the same elements in the room. For the sake of an appealing but consistent visualization, the designer should not go haphazard with space.

For example, they mostly avoid using mismatched carpets, varying colour schemes which create confusion. Instead, they maintain a rhythm, emphasizing singular items with similar characteristics. Aspects like the tiles, carpet, and the paint often create repetition, and make the room dull.



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is another critical principle where things or elements are implemented in an ascending or descending order. They should position items based on gradation. This is applicable in terms of size or dimensions. For example, they can put up a cluster of pictures on the wall of varying sizes. They also try to attain progression through colour schemes that are monochromatic – differing hues of the primary colour.
To enhance the beauty of any place, every good designer follows the principle of harmony. While rhythm creates happiness, harmony creates a satisfactory effect, eliminating the feeling of disquiet. The space feels complete, with the right proportion, focus, and repetition.
It is the relation between two or more objects placed in the room. The designers follow some standardized measurements like height, width, size, etc. This helps to avoid boredom and make the space look attractive. The eyes get a focal point, which creates an ideal theme for the entire place.