Apartment at PS Promenade

Look Our Project Apartment at PS Promenade

Located on the 8th floor in Ballygunge, this apartment designed to use the natural light efficiently reflects the sensibilities of modern day lifestyle. A 4-bedroom apartment remodeled to house 2 bedrooms in wine reds and floral wallpapers was instrumental in adding a distinct character especially in children’s rooms.

Residence at Ballygunge

Residence at Ballygunge

We let our client influence our ideas to bring out a character that she strongly owns as her own. We took customization as the key to our design process to form a modest living environment. Our favorite chest of drawers is worthy of a mention here that found a new life with a special fabric imported from Uzbekistan. This apartment is a true experiment with finishes!


Office Design of Trio Trends Exports

The design of this office was guided by the craft and expertise of its occupants. Trio Trend Exports deals with in-house manufacturing and exporting of leather goods. Their attention to detail and quality helped us to create some immaculate elements in the outcome. Private spaces like the cabins were translated into showcase with furniture upholstered with rare leather from across the globe. The best views from the building were reserved for the workstations, allowing everyone to congregate in an open and purposeful space. The conference room bridged the gap between high traffic zones and the rear side functional areas like server and wash rooms. The highlight of this project is the story woven in leather with various techniques about the city of joy in the reception. This celebratory wall upholds the nuances of the city as a tribute from where they evolved their business.