Contemporary Abode at Swarnamani

Luxurious Design & Contemporary Abode at Swarnamani

The apartment at the 23rd floor comprising of four bedroom is marked with clean straight lines and earthy neutral tones to lend a timeless elegance. Modern touches are married with evocative art deco elements to introduce a high level of aesthetics to this classy home.

Luxury Living at Swarnamani

Luxury Living at Swarnamani by Internal Affairs Interior Design

This 4 bedroom apartment in this prestigious building was innovatively blended with geometrics and luxury to bring a harmony to the complete interiors. Geometrical shapes and patterns have been synced thoughtfully and used in false ceiling, marble inlay, wall panelling, mirror, light fixtures and furniture to bring a sense of rhythm and balance that is contemporary, visually appealing and functionally relevant.


Project GCPL CAT by Internal Affairs

The concept was to create an open working environment using industrial and rugged elements in the space, through exposed concrete columns, rough and exposed natural brick wall, open ceiling with exposed services in reception & cafeteria along with epoxy flooring. The main pathway features an epoxy floor in concrete color with yellow border and zebra crossing depicting a road, as the company deals in infrastructure equipments. Overall the 17000 Sq.ft offers a very cheerful experience along with a blend of roughness & sturdiness of the brand which has been widely praised by their American counterparts and various officials who visit throughout the day.

Lakhotia International Pvt. Ltd.

Our Office Design Project of Lakhotia International Pvt. Ltd.

With International trade as its main focus, this 1000 sq ft office dominated with white and wooden tonality was conceived to have a global appeal. Functionality and effective space utilization were the key focus in achieving the requirements listed by the client with complete vaastu compliance. Materiality too, was an outcome of the approach to maximize the space visually.

Marble Box

Marble Box

Headquartered at Chicago, Marble box deals with insurance processes outsourcing for MNCs. Keeping in mind the young users in their Kolkata office interior, the design was developed on the sensibilities of a modern-day office. A vibrant color palette coupled with a jogging track, a green wall at the reception, a cafeteria and open seating was harmoniously brought together to encourage a collaborative work culture.
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Project Urbana By Internal Affairs

Placed on the 34th floor of a prestigious high rise in Kolkata, this apartment is a reflection of its residents’ lifestyle and taste. Creatively designed within the boundaries of contemporary urban aesthetics, this home for a family of four has been designed with meticulous understanding of the client’s vision. Materials like marble, granite, wood and glass adorns the surfaces to make it a plush living environment. Every piece of furniture here is handcrafted by a skilled team that proudly resonates the ‘Make in India’ sentiments.

Tata Avenida

Tata Avenida, the Prestigious Project by Internal Affairs

Our Indian at heart client came with a brief to echo his personality in his apartment at Newtown, Kolkata. This design project therefore, is a collaboration of his art pieces and contemporary design influences. To blend his taste with our design approach, the whole palette was derived from the paintings and artefacts he owned. Our client now uses this second home as a retreat during festive times.

Penthouse at Silver Spring

Penthouse at Silver Spring

We used the idea of restoration to rejuvenate some antique furniture, mantle pieces and a good share of cinematic nostalgia to design this penthouse for an eminent film personality. It was restructured entirely to create hosting, private and utility zones in a design language that is a reminiscence of rich Bengali culture. The penthouse was modeled to house 3 bedrooms, 1 library, and a hosting space that blends into the open terrace which has a white Greek style cast-in-situ concrete seating overlooking the city’s skyline. Every piece in this home has a story to tell, most likely about a blockbuster cinema, a genius actor or even award nights!

Residence at Mandevilla Gardens

Residence at Mandevilla Gardens

This home to a young couple is a replica of their spirits. The brief to make it a bright happy place found its way into every colour, form and art that fashions this abode today. The living space is the heart of this home leading its way to other intimate spaces. A bit of classical and a huge amount of contemporary influence make this apartment an eclectic delight!

Duplex at Eden Court

Project Duplex at Eden Court

With a focus on comfortable design and accentuating volume, this apartment at Eden court was designed to be calm and airy. The double height living room breathes lightness against the rich texture of the brick wall and glitter of the hanging chandelier. Keeping spaces functional, warm wood juxtaposed with the cool white addresses all the highlights in this space. A home evolved on simplicity and elegance!