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Marble Box

Completion : 2019

The brief received from the company CEO, through video conferencing, who was sitting at his Chicago Office, was a vibrant, colourful, contemporary and a youthful space as the age group of the employees are around 25 to 40. The company deals in Insurance process outsourcing for MNCs and is head quartered at Chicago with their India office at Kolkata.

Design Approach
This vibrant and playful 12000 sft office spread out in 2 floors overlooking the Maa flyover and the bypass skyline has a palette of colours all around to make it look cheerful. As one enters the Reception anchored by a greenery wall, one can see the cafeteria, which is an extension of the reception, lit up with metal pendant lights in company colour shades. The pathway through the reception opens up into a large Open Plan Office, where red epoxy jogging track has been designed on either side to make it look playful and health friendly, as the office functions 24×5. The yellow AC ducting goes all along the central office which is complemented with colourful customised lampshades. The cabins have been distinctly marked as per the designation with interesting use of etching films. All the meeting room, transition room & training room has been named after famous personalities and identified with separate colours too.