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Collaborate with the Team of Best Interior Designers of Kolkata

Internal Affairs Design Studio is an accomplished interior design company based in Kolkata. We have been in this field for a long time and have the experience of working with different clients. We are the ultimate choice for all your interior design needs. Our skilled team of interior designers of Kolkata have the finesse and craftsmanship to design your property just the way you want. We can do everything from adding the right furniture to designing the walls with flair.

As a service provider, we serve all types of property owners. You can expect the same level of professionalism and outreach from our end, no matter if you own a home or a business establishment. You can remain 100% sure of quality work from our interior designers in Kolkata. We first understand your requirements and then work on putting them into reality.

We Cater to Different Interior Design Projects:

Collaborating with us is perhaps the best decision that you will ever make. Rest assured; you will receive top-notch assistance from our best interior decorators professionals. We can strike the right idea to utilise your space to the best. Our clients trust us for our credibility, innovative thought process and involvement.

Here are some of the projects in which we take an active part:

  • Home Interior Design: We know how much you value your property. Therefore, our interior designers in Kolkata take the right steps to make it look stunning. Our business can get involved in designing all the rooms of your home with the finest raw materials and creative insights. Our first step in designing a residential property entails designing the blueprint. Our layout consists of the design idea of all the floors in the property.

With a balanced approach to interior design, we believe we can segregate the unique qualities of a space. Our team takes into consideration the importance you give to each room. We blend all the elements together and convert a room into a space where you want to be. We can personally visit your site, take all the measurements and get the work done.

  • Office Interior Design: Who said you could not mix pleasure with the profession? Nowadays, office interior design themes reflect the personality of a business owner. Plus, it is always great to give your office an occasional makeover. This allows you to boost your employee morale and boost productivity. To make your office space look like the next-gen workstation, you should definitely collaborate with us.

You can trust us to design everything From the break rooms to the employee cubicles. We possess that creative flair to make your office look the way, the thing you imagined till the last detail. Ask us for customisation, and our office interior decorators can provide all required assistance in modifying the design, layout, or even the lighting arrangement.

  • Other Business Establishments: Along with office spaces, our team of talented interior designers in Kolkata can come to your rescue when you want to redecorate your business. No matter how big your establishment is, we can provide you with the perfect design you will surely be proud of. We have expertise in all the processes that are involved in the interior design phase. From setting up a theme to modifying the colours, our design language always falls in synergy with your imagination.

Add a design for your business that falls in line with your target audience. We can add the element of sophistication and quality design that you were looking for. Our interior designers have been widely experienced in this field. They have worked with different business owners and have designed their restaurants, hotels and showrooms to precision.

  • Architecture: As a reputable interior design company, we have considerable experience in architectural fields too. Our team of interior architects in Kolkata can provide you with the perfect assistance to make your property a showstopper. We can come to help in different fields, including:
  • Design Planning
  • Concept
  • Master Planning
  • Landscaping
  • Mechanical and Electrical Installation

When you collaborate with our expert architects in Kolkata, you can be assured of getting nothing but the best service. We can come to your help in all fields when it comes to building your own property. No matter if you are looking for a new home or a business, our company can surely come to your help.

For references or any business queries, feel free to contact us. Our staff will ensure to answer all your questions and equip you with the right kind of information.